Premium Transportation

Our company offers a premium class car with a very personalized service. In this category we offer our customers a full service which included in the income of the vehicle, the driver, insurance total fuel. This service is exclusive to luxury units such as Toyota Corolla, BMW, Mercedes, Prado, X5, Sequoia, for our corporate clients, weddings, diplomatic visits, VIP clients and others. This service is ideal for all types of events and we can deliver throughout the country with the vehicle that best suits the budget of each of our clients.

Car Rental

This is another Marvi Transport service in which we offer the option of renting the car rentals from 1 day rental, we offer all kinds of sedans type units (yaris, corolla), 4x4 (bego, rav 4) or luxury units as the Toyota Prado, 4Runner or similar In this category we include income and insurance unit . Each client must leave a deposit guarantee card which varies by vehicle rented.


Transportes Marvi has grown each year in this category in which we have become official transport multiple diplomatic visits to our country from countries such as United States, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico and others. In addition we offer transportation to multiple conferences, seminars, theme parties and others to various companies of Costa Rica A rescue aspect of our event is to be the Official Sponsor Soccer Team Costa Rica. We have also moved to the biggest teams in the world such as Brazil, Spain & Argentina among other.

Private Transportation

Marvi is the company's largest private tourist transport and Costa Rica , we have a large fleet with several units from 10-50 people. We offer additional services such as communication within all units, 24-hour in our office, 365 days a year providing transport, inside the country and outside our borders on any of the units.

Additional services

  • Private transport inside and outside the country
  • Transportation for the corporate sector
  • Transport for diplomatic, government and state
  • Transportation for special events and conventions
  • Transport for domestic and foreign tourism
  • Transport for employees
  • Transport of individual travelers, families and students
  • Travel agency
  • Day trips


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