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Twenty five years ago transportation services were required solely for the transportation of students or tours to Jacó; thus, the beginning of what we can consider today as the recreational tourist and corporate sector transportation service pioneer company, and considered as one of the largest in our country.

With just one vehicle, Mr. Marco Vinicio Quirós Morales had a broad vision on the tourist transportation sector and its future needs and through great efforts and banking support, year after year, he has been able to renew the whole fleet and improve its facilities, with the purpose of providing excellent service to all customers as well as his employees.

Actually, Transportes Marvi is one of the largest specialized companies transport passengers privacy attention nationwide.

The company has a record of 25 years in marketing and offering the most extensive fleet of luxury vehicles, allowing us to meet more demanding as corporate and tourist platform of the country, always exceeding every expectation.

The company has received countless recognitions at the national and international level; we are also analyzing the possibility of establishing strategic alliances with wholesalers, national and international tour operators, which would allow us a greater professionalization of the tourism transportation in the country.

Undoubtedly, it can be stated that we have left and will continue leaving footsteps, because we will keep on being:


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